Waikiki Fishing Charters

Oahu fishing charters and bottom fishing off Waikiki by Sportfish Hawaii.   Let us help you plan a memorable adventure in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii.

Fishing in Waikiki off Oahu may be the most memorable part of your vacation in Hawaii.  Viewing the beautiful scenery aboard an excellent boat with a friendly skipper combined with the excitement of the chance at angling a marlin are hard to beat.   Here at Sportfish Hawaii, giving anglers the information and assistance they need to plan a such a memorable trip is our specialty. 

In addition to offshore sportfishing, we also offer a fun evening bottom fishing trip which stays close to shore and includes a BBQ dinner.  And, for the adventuresome night owl, we have an exciting midnight shark hunt.

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The options below will take you to photos and descriptions of the charter boat trips we recommend, a chart and narrative of the waters you will be trolling, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and comments from other visiting anglers.  Sportfish Hawaii is here to answer any questions you have and/or to get you hooked up with a good reputable boat.  Just email us or call us toll free at (877)388-1376.

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Offshore Charters
Waikiki Bottom Fishing
Midnight Shark Hunt


Angler Comments

"Without question Mike's (President of Sportfish Hawaii) reputation is stellar. Mike is very active in the sportfishing community in Hawaii and draws upon charter boats that reflect both of our commitments to customer satisfaction and an understanding of our precious resources."
Mike Nelson
Director, World Billfish Challenge
If you would like to find out even more about sportfishing in the Hawaiian Islands, please visit our extensive site at www.sportfishhawaii.comHere you will find tournament schedules and reports, technique and tackle tips, news stories, weather information for Kona, Maui, Kauai, & Oahu ( Waikiki ), and much more.


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