800lb Blue Tagged and Released on the Pamela

I am attaching a few pictures of the monster 800 pound blue marlin I caught on the Pamela on August 29, 2005.  As I told you the other day, we nailed this beauty 1/2 hour out of the harbor, about three miles offshore, in 1500 feet of deep bluewater.  The water was so calm you could waterski.  As we were trolling along, Teddy Hoogs and I saw the giant billfish streak across the port side of the stern and nail one of Teddy's favorite marlin lures.  Line started peeling off as I jumped into the chair.  The best part was having my 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter cheer me on.  We had a tough time getting the big girl under control, but under Teddy's expert tutelage and his dad, Pete's, masterful backing and pivoting of the boat, we slowly gained line.  The monster jumped clear of the water at least 4 times, showing us what a monster we had indeed hooked.  After a grueling (at least for me) battle, the leader came into sight and up to the rod tip.  Teddy skillfully grabbed the leader and brought our beauty to boatside for tagging, a few pictures, revival and release.  Thankfully, the giant revived herself within a few minutes and swam off to the depths while we all cheered and shouted "We love you."  After high fives all around, we set out our spread again and within 1/2 hour, we saw another marlin attack a jet head.  This time, I nailed a mere 175 pounder and could actually enjoy the fight and the acrobatics.  All this took place in the first one and one-half hours of fishing.  Unbelievable.  I can't overestimate how Capt. Pete's and mate Teddy's skill made this feat possible.  These were my first two blues.  Pete and Teddy said the big mama was the largest blue they had boated this year and one of the largest caught this year out of Kona.  Beginner's luck?  Thanks for setting me up with such a top notch team.  My kids and I will never forget that exciting day.