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"Why Fish for Bass?" 
     Because on Kauai you can!! 

The reservoirs of Kauai are home to the world famous PEACOCK BASS. Pound for pound one of the top three fighting fish in the free world, this predator of the shallows is only found in Hawaii, parts of Florida, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Aerial acrobatics, guile and cunning, the Peacock Bass is an intelligent, powerful, and worthy opponent of even the most accomplished tournament bass angler…..and you don’t need a passport or have to worry about the water to do it!

Sportfish Hawaii has found the top guide for putting you in the right places and using the right techniques to catch your share of Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and the world famous Peacock Bass.

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Captain Tom on Kauai & a world famous Peacock Bass


Your Guide:

Meet Tom Christy, expert bass fisherman, avid baseball player, and your guide for world famous Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Peacock Bass fishing on the beautiful island of Kauai. Tom has been a Peacock Bass guide on Kauai since 1982, and he has been featured in several magazines and television shows along the way. Tom’s techniques are almost all self-taught, and he is considered one of the world’s premier Peacock Bass anglers. Come and learn why.

Considered a celebrity in Japan, Tom was once the holder of an IGFA world record for Peacock Bass, at 8 lb 9 oz. It has since been surpassed both by another angler and himself. The current record is 10 lb 8 oz, and Tom’s personal best is 9lb 7 oz. Tom believes there are fish in his reservoirs that are well over 11 pounds, and he wants that record back. Tom also holds the Hawaii state record for Smallmouth Bass at 5 pounds. This amazing fish was 22 ¾ inches long!! Other accomplishments include Tom being a four time Interisland T.O.C. champion, a four-time Interisland Classic Champion, and the 1996 BBWC Hawaii State Champion.

More than just the record books, Tom has been featured in US magazines such as Western Outdoors, Arizona Angler, Al Linder’s Infisherman (magazine and TV), and Bassmasters, and Japanese publications such as Bass World, Basser, Rod and Reel, and Zeal hotline Magazine. He has been featured on ESPN, TNN, Outdoor Life with Dick Butkis, and Charlie White’s Fishing Machine.

The fishing grounds:

There are over 165 reservoirs and nine rivers on Kauai, and Tom has fished them all. Tom’s techniques developed in the early years of fishing Waita reservoir made that lake famous, but new ownership and better, new found grounds have nudged Tom into fishing more locations on the rest of the island. He now selects the top spots, many of which are seldom fished, allowing anglers the freedom to fish the remote spots of Kauai for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and  the world famous Peacock. Use Tom’s experience and skill guide you to the best spots to catch you the fish you want to catch.

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Who can go?
All skill levels are welcome!  From novices to experts, from kids to adults, Tom will make everyone feel right at home. 

The seasons
The following species are caught in fresh waters all year round, but certain times are often better than other for certain species. (Note: This is just a guide. Since the fish can't read the guide, success rates do vary year to year and month to month and fishing can be slow at times even when it's normally excellent or good)

Species Jan Feb Mar







Oct Nov Dec
Butterfly Peacock Bass  
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Freshwater Barracuda
Freshwater Papio




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The Fishing Style

In order to get where the fish are, Tom uses several fishing techniques.  He has several "johnboats" which are small skiffs with flat bottoms and electric motors.  He also has an 18' bass boat and a 17' bass boat.  He can also do fishing from shore, float tubes or wading into the water from shore.  Because the water is warm year round, wading and float tubing can be done all year.  The guide does provide the float tubing gear.  The usual trip is from the bass boat or a johnboat.  If you would like to try wading or float tubes, please let us know.  

The gear

Tom has an arrangement of Bass gear to suit novices and anglers. Expect to be questioned on your preference of tackle at the time of your booking so all of your gear is ready to go on departure.

Anglers may bring their own gear if so desired, as we know some are just partial to their own stuff.  Anglers wishing to use fly tackle are also welcome to bring their own also.  Please call to discuss the needs and requirements to get your flies and tackle selected before you leave home.  Please note that the guide does not have fly gear so you will need to bring all of your own gear for fly fishing.

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The Rates

All prices include expert guide service, rods, reels, bait, and beverages. For full day trips, you will need to bring your own lunch.  Tom does provide a cooler and ice to keep your lunch.  4% State Tax and Gratuity are not included.  Trips are exclusive trips.  Reservations/Information Request for Kauai

Half day trips
Approximately 6:30 am to 11:00 am
Meet time is 6:30am in Kapaa
Afternoon trips available upon request

1or 2 Persons: $265.00
3 persons: $400.00

Full day trips
Approximately 6:30am to 3:00pm
Meet time is 6:30am in Kapaa

1 Person: $375.00
2 Persons: $450.00
3 persons: $575.00 

Travel Note: Airport pickup is available at no extra charge. Inter-island anglers or those visiting other islands don’t have to pass up a chance to battle Peacock Bass. Sportfish Hawaii can help with all your arrangements to fish for Bass on Kauai, either by flying in, fishing and flying out, or by spending a night or two on this fabulous island.  

Why Fish for Bass? Because on Kauai, you can! Book early for best selection of dates.

Rick W. with a nice estimated 7 pounder

Guide Tom Christy - Photo courtesy of Rick W.

Tom holding a large Peacock Bass (note the horn on the head) Photo courtesy of Joe R. 

Joe R. with his nice Peacock Bass catch
Photo courtesy of Joe R. 

Photo courtesy of Aaron, who fished the river with Tom

Photo courtesy of Aaron, who fishing with Tom 

Photo courtesy of Kirk, who fished with Tom

Photo courtesy of Kirk, who fished with Tom


Hey Tom, 

Just wanted to thank you for this trip in 2006. My friend Dan Hoover booked the trip with you. We first fished the river and then you took us to a small reservoir and I caught the bass of my life. I have never before or since caught a fish so perfect in my life.  Thank you truly for one of the greatest moments in my experience as an angler. 

Take care and good fishing.

 Ron K



Ron's Big Peacock Bass


"My friend Darryl and I had a fantastic time with Tom Christy. We fished for peacock bass in Dec/Jan. Tom made it very clear about these fish (not the best season), however we we're not going to let the time of year make for a bad trip. We responded with 6 very nice peacocks to 4lbs.  Tom really knows his stuff and can't wait to get back maybe in April for more of these great fish...Joe"

"We had a great time. Tom is quite a character. The river was off-color because of all the recent heavy rain and mud from the mountains so the fishing wasn't great, but we had a great time nonetheless. It was the most beautiful setting that I have ever fished. We had the river absolutely to ourselves; we did not see another soul all day. Tom provided some great tips and instruction that we will definitely be able to use to catch more fish in the future. The gear was great and Tom was just fun to be with. We will definitely book with him again on our next trip to Kauai. Thanks...Todd"

When you are ready to make a reservation, or if you would like more information, please click on the request link above or call us toll free at 1-877-388-1376 or send an email to kathy@sportfishhawaii.com and we will be happy to answer your questions and/or complete your reservation.