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There is so much more to fishing in Hawaii than going to the Kona Coast, picking out a resort to sit and look at the ocean, and then locating a boat to spend a day or two fishing. Although Hawaii fishing was for certain made famous for Kona’s calm, clear, big-fish-laden waters, those of us who have fished here awhile know the other islands offer great fishing and scenic beauty unparalleled anywhere in the world.
Fishing is only a part of the adventure, and the charter rates in Hawaii are among the lowest in the world. We offer some of the greatest places in the world to visit while landlubbering through the various towns and attractions, so it certainly stands to reason that visiting the remote areas by boat would only enhance your enjoyment of the overall trip. So, as you plan your charter in Sportfishing Paradise, why not consider some of the following places which can be accessed from an overnight or three-day trip?

You’ll agree it was worth it.

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