The "2-Lip"

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The 2-Lip - Just like the flower, it’s Stu’s play on words and does it sure play on a fish. This unique 9" design has a flared front and a ball in the middle which controls the water flow around the lure creating a unique underwater vibration noise that fish just can’t leave alone. You will be amazed when you study the motion, and if you run it in smooth water you will actually see the perfect pattern of water flow around it. The 2-lip can be run on any rod position, but Stu recommends the long corner or the short rigger for best results. Please be careful with this lure as the leading edge can break (i.e. please don’t drop it on the deck). If it breaks with a fish chomp, send us your story and we’ll replace it. Comes in clear.

Note: Measurements of lures are fully rigged.


Lure Pricing

Plain (No Inserts)

Mirrored (Regular Glass) Inserts

Irridized Glass, Abalone or Mother of Pearl Inserts

Dichroic Glass Inserts



$34.00 $42.00 $64.00

Rigging Options:

  • Head Only (comes with line saver down the guide tube) - price as quoted
  • Heads, Skirts and Wings (assembled) - Add $12.00 per lure
  • Full Rigged Hawaiian Style with 10/0 closed shank lead hook and 10/0 open shank trail hook, 20 feet of 400# test 2 mil diameter Polukai Leader, Line Saver and 2 Skirts - Add $25.00 per lure.

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