The "Aukai"

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The "Aukai" - Hawaiian for "Marlin of the Sea" - this is Stu’s favorite lure and is the smallest one he makes at 7" in length. Stu has personally had strikes of every Hawaiian pelagic fish, such as Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ahi, Aku, and Kawakawa. The Aukai is considered to be an all purpose lure, and is good on all rod positions except the short corner. It’s unique rounded front design puts up a puffing spray in front with a smooth flowing smoke trail behind, especially as it snakes down the front of a wave in a following sea. Recommended for use with side wings, the Aukai is a single skirt ring lure with great fish production. Comes in clear and blue, both with a pink leading edge.

Note: Clear color will be shipped if color not specified in special instructions of order form.

Note: Measurements of lures are fully rigged.


Lure Pricing

Plain (No Inserts)

Mirrored (Regular Glass) Inserts

Irridized Glass, Abalone or Mother of Pearl Inserts

Dichroic Glass Inserts


Not Available

$22.00 $25.00 $33.00

Rigging Options:

  • Head Only (comes with line saver down the guide tube) - price as quoted
  • Heads, Skirts and Wings (assembled) - Add $12.00 per lure
  • Full Rigged Hawaiian Style with 10/0 closed shank lead hook and 10/0 open shank trail hook, 20 feet of 400# test 2 mil diameter Polukai Leader, Line Saver and 2 Skirts - Add $25.00 per lure.

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