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Sportfish Hawaii's Selected Reading

When the water's calm, the sun is warm and the boat is gently rocking, there's nothing better than a comfy seat in the cockpit to enjoy a good read. We've hooked up with Barnes and Noble to offer you some great sportfishing books and magazines, most of which have a distinct Hawaiian theme.  We've also provided a link to the Barnes and Noble website so you can search their vast database for other titles on fishing, boating, the Hawaiian Islands, and just about anything else you can think of.  If you like one or more of our selections listed below, simply click on the title and our link will take you to the Barnes and Noble site for convenient on-line purchase (Warning: The links to Barnes and Noble will give you "cookies"). 
The Kona Fishing Chronicles by Jim Rizzuto now avaiable - click here

Sportfishing Magazines

Title: Marlin
Description: A bi-monthly publication that focuses strictly on the sport of catching the largest and most magnificent of all the gamefish in the sea.   Editorials, tips and techniques for Marlin fishing from all over the world, complete with tremendous photographs and drawings.  This magazine is a high- quality, high-end, how-to-do-it publication for anybody who likes the idea of bending their pole with a Billfish. Published by World Publications.


Title: Sport Fishing
Another product of World Publications, this nine-issue-per year magazine covers the world of angling for all types of ocean gamefish.  With an emphasis on fishing from aboard an ocean capable boat as opposed to shore casting or lake boat angling, Sport Fishing is complete with excellent stories, photographs, tips, and techniques from many fabulous destinations all around the world.  A great gift for the sportfishing maniac.


Title: Salt Water Sportsman
Just like its name implies, this monthly publication focuses on angling in the crystal blue oceans of the planet.  An educational and informative magazine, Salt Water Sportsman has great articles and photographs, and also has an entire section devoted to travelling anglers seeking exotic fishing adventure destinations around the world.  A Times Mirror publication.


Sportfishing Books

Title:  Fishing Hawaii Style Vol.1
Author:  Jim Rizzuto
Publisher:  Hawaii Fis
Date Published:  January 1995
Title:  Fishing Hawaii Style Vol.2
Author:  Jim Rizzuto
Publisher:  Booklines Hawaii Ltd
Date Published:  January 1995
Title:  Fishing Hawaii StyleVol.3
Author:  Jim Rizzuto
Publisher:  Hawaii Fis
Date Published:  January 1995
Title Modern Hawaiian Gamefishing
Author:  Jim Rizzuto
Publisher:  The University of Hawaii Press
Date Published:  December 1994
Title:  Saltwater Fisherman's Bible
Author:  Erwin A. Bauer, Revised by Bob Stearns
Publisher:  Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Date Published:  May 1991
Title: Morrow's Guide to Knots
Author:  Mario Bigon,Guido Regazzoni
Publisher:  William Morrow & Company, Incorporated
Date Published:  July 1988
Title:  McClane's Fishing Encyclopedia
Author:  A. J. McClane
Publisher:  Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated
Date Published:  September 1998
Title: Fisherman's Guide to Life: Nine Timeless Principles Based on the Lessons of Fishing
Author:  Criswell Freeman
Publisher:  Walnut Gr
Date Published:  March 1997
Title: Marine Atlas of the Hawaiian Islands
Author:  A.P. Balder
Publisher:  University of Hawaii Press, The
Date Published:  December 1994
Complete charts in convenient book form for mariners cruising the waters in and around Kauai, Niihau, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii.  Also contains the locations of the FADS (Fish Aggregation Devices) around the state.
Title: Kona Fishing Chronicles 2002, 2003, 2004
Author:  Jim Rizzuto


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