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Custom Lures

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Custom Lures - these beautiful works of art are for our repeat customers who know Stu’s lures are everything we claim they are and are looking for something they know nobody else will have in their bags or up their sleeves. Every bit as productive as the items featured above, these lures also make great gifts for the sportfishing maniac. The custom lures shown here have Opihi shell eyes, dichroic glass, and all kinds of bits and pieces (mostly natural) to tantalize both the angler and the fish.  The left photo is known as the Shigi (1 7/8" in length), and the right one is a modified Ogie Ball.  These lures take a lot longer to make, so naturally they cost a little more. Call us toll free 877-388-1376 or e-mail us and describe what you’re looking for, and we’ll get you a quote ASAP.

Rigging Options:

  • Head Only (comes with line saver down the guide tube)
  • Heads, Skirts and Wings (assembled) - Add $12.00 per lure
  • Full Rigged Hawaiian Style with 10/0 closed shank lead hook and 10/0 open shank trail hook, 20 feet of 400# test 2 mil diameter Polukai Leader, Line Saver and 2 Skirts - Add $25.00 per lure.