The "Ever-Reddy"

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The Ever-Reddy - Just like its name says, this catch ready, concave fronted lure was originally designed by the late Ian Thomas. Stu recommends iridescent glass inserts for great flash. Best run on the long corner or the short rigger, the Ever-Reddy is a Marlin Catching Machine. This 12" lure creates tons of splash and bubbles despite its smooth, fluid swimming motion. Marlin, who are known predators that seem to get jealous easily when competitors enter their domain, often strike this lure hot and heavy, with the first run peeling out line from an uncontrollable screaming reel. We hope you get the fish under control sooner or later, or you’ll be at the end of your spool. Comes in clear.

Note: Measurements of lures are fully rigged.


Lure Pricing

Plain (No Inserts)

Mirrored (Regular Glass) Inserts

Irridized Glass, Abalone or Mother of Pearl Inserts

Dichroic Glass Inserts

Retail Price

Not Available

$44.00 $52.00 $66.00

Rigging Options:

  • Head Only (comes with line saver down the guide tube) - price as quoted
  • Heads, Skirts and Wings (assembled) - Add $15.00 per lure
  • Full Rigged Hawaiian Style with 10/0 closed shank lead hook and 10/0 open shank trail hook, 20 feet of 400# test 2 mil diameter Polukai Leader, Line Saver and 2 Skirts - Add $28.00 per lure.

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