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Spellbound of Kona Catches the First Blue Marlin of the New Millennium - First Overall was Caught in Tonga

By Mike House, Sportfish Hawaii

Captain Mike Rand of the charter vessel Spellbound out of Kona, Hawaii, woke up like everyone else on New Year's day 2000, but unlike many who were sluggish in recovering from an evening of celebration, Mike went fishing. And this year, it paid off. A tournament is usually held on New Year's Day each year in Kona by one of the charter booking companies, and this year some 50 boats threw their name in the hat for their chance to win the award. At 7:30 am, Rand tied into a Blue Marlin that ultimately ended up at the scales weighing in at 227 pounds, making this fish the first Blue Marlin caught in relative local time in the new Millennium. It was also the first Blue Marlin overall caught in the Northern Hemisphere.

The first overall fish caught in the new Millennium was on board the Kiwi Magic, a Tonga-based charter boat. By virtue of their position just West of the International Date Line, they are 13 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (whereas Hawaii is 10 hours behind GMT). Their fish, hooked at about 2:30 pm local time and landed at about 3:30 pm local time, weighed in at 208.7 kilograms (459.8 pounds). No other Blue Marlin were reported that early, and thus Kiwi Magic claims the title of being the first overall Blue Marlin in the New Millennium.

When considering time zone differences, it is important to realize that Kiwi Magic was fighting their fish when it was still the afternoon of the last day in the old Millennium in Hawaii, and thus it would have been impossible for many other locations to even have a chance at being the absolute first. Accordingly, relative local time evened the score a tiny bit. Kiwi Magic's fish was the first, but Spellbound could make a good argument that they were first based on local time.


Mike House
Sportfish Hawaii

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