The "Joker"

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The Joker - a close second in Stu’s arsenal, The Joker is a proven Marlin catcher. This is an oblong conical lure available plain or with inserts (Stu recommends the dichroic glass for maximum flash). Notice the interesting hand-made shape; it has a "fast" and a "slow" side, which causes it to run left and right under control as opposed to a rapid swimming action. The Joker is best on the riggers, but will also work well on the long corner as long as boat speed is less than 8.5 knots.  In smooth seas, you will be able to see a surface vibration while it's underwater. Then, as it breaks the surface there will be a "puff" (small water droplets in a tight ball around the lure), which is where the majority of the strikes will take place.   No eye comes in this head, and it features a single skirt ring as shown on the bottom photo.  Stu wants us to remind you the skirt eye placement is crucial.  The eyes of your skirt must be on the flat sides because it will give the appearance of a side-flopping fish. Measuring 9" in length, The Joker comes in clear, blue and blue/red.  

If no color is specified, clear will be shipped.

Note: Measurements of lures are fully rigged.


Lure Pricing

Plain (No Inserts)

Mirrored (Regular Glass) Inserts

Irridized Glass, Abalone or Mother of Pearl Inserts

Dichroic Glass Inserts



$34.00 $42.00 $64.00

Rigging Options:

  • Head Only (comes with line saver down the guide tube) - price as quoted
  • Heads, Skirts and Wings (assembled) - Add $12.00 per lure
  • Full Rigged Hawaiian Style with 10/0 closed shank lead hook and 10/0 open shank trail hook, 20 feet of 400# test 2 mil diameter Polukai Leader, Line Saver and 2 Skirts - Add $25.00 per lure.

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