1999 Keehi Annual Jackpot Fishing Tournament Report

This year's tournament had a total of 88 entries, with 30 of the 88 boats weighing fish.  Since it was a largest fish tournament, some boats caught but didn't weigh-in, so more than 30 boats actually caught something.  The winning fish was a 220.5lb Marlin caught by Rick Abille on Blue Diamond.  Other notable fish caught in the tournament were a 77lb Sailfish, a 144.5lb Black Marlin, and several nice Ahi ranging from 100 - 157.8lbs.   See below for complete results.

kbcjackpot3.jpg (45957 bytes)
The winning Marlin on Blue Diamond

kbcjackpot2.jpg (36167 bytes)
A beautiful Sailfish

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Team Kimura of Kimura Rods

Category I (Largest Fish):

Boat Skipper Species Weight (lbs) Prize $$
Blue Diamond Rick Abille Marlin 220.5 $6,166
Que-Largo Nasario Quemado Marlin    215.0 $3,083
Jane S Howard Sato Marlin 186.5 $1,542

Category II:

Boat Skipper Species Weight (lbs) Prize $$
Nickman Bruce Kurata Marlin 179.5 $620
Last Minute Z. Al Marlin 154.0 $310
Palenaka W. Thoemmes, Jr. Marlin 144.5 $236
Kai Kea Mike Buck Ahi 157.8 $620
Christina Rae Denis Shigemura Ahi  138.3 $310
Glacier Bay Robert Nishida Ahi 136.2 $236
Hana Pa'a Fred Kaya Mahi 42.5 $620
Bernie K Norman Kihoi Mahi 38.6 $310
Kuulei David Nuuanu III Mahi 35.5 $236
Edye II Clay Shito Ono 30.1 $620
Guppy Dean Kagawa Ono 27.0 $310
Kalohi Sonny Rivera Ono 25.6 $236


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