Matsu Lures Product Information

Wayne Matsumoto, one of Hawaii's premier lure makers has developed a distinctive style and his own shapes of lures that are catching fish literally all over the world.  His attention to detail, lifelike fish inserts and a method of color matching gives you the opportunity to catch more fish more often.

The painstaking process by witch Matsu makes his lures is evident in the craftsmanship from the moment you pick it up.  His lai skin inserts, for example, are real fish skin from fish which are caught by Matsumoto and his son.  All of his lures are available in any color, and we also represent several other lure styles as well.

If you have a certain skirt which has been expecially productive, send it to us and Matsu will color match the lure head exactly.  We have found this to be extremely effective when favorite lures go missing, and all that can be found is a piece of the skirt.

Go fishing with Matsu Lures.  We think you will enjoy them.