Sportfish Hawaii's Special Lure Offers

The Hawaiian Special (a full spread). Choose any five lures and receive a bonus mirrored Aukai head and the new Flash Gordon head (one of Stu's new designs available soon).  If you fish this combination package, Stu recommends the Kai Kai on the Short Corner, the Ever-Reddy on the Long Corner, the Joker on the Short Rigger, the 2Lip or the Ogie Ball on the Long Rigger, and the Aukai as the Stinger. Keep the four closest lures in a tight pattern (approximately 6 yards of separation), and let the Aukai on the stinger run about 20 yards behind the pack. Don’t spend too much time in the beer cooler, because you might be busy.

The Hawaiian Fishmaster Special. A fully rigged full spread of lures.  Just clip them on and go fishing.  Choose any five lures above complete with full rig and receive a 15% discount in addition to the bonus mirrored Aukai head and Flash Gordon head.