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So many of you have asked us to post more photos on our site, but many don’t realize we have tons already. As a way to make our pictures readily available without dumping an album on you that takes forever to load, Sportfish Hawaii has created this photo index page which is a thumbnail of many of the photos on the website and a hyperlink to the feature in which it appears.

These photos are all clickable and will take you to a tournament weighin, a place to visit, a charter boat, a big fish, a happy angler, you name it. We think it will be a fun way for you to enjoy our site without having to go searching. A click on a photo might take you right where you were looking for something, or it might take you to a place you might not have otherwise gone.

We hope you enjoy this unique feature. New photos will be added to the site all the time, and new thumbnails will be linked to all the stories as well. New thumbnails will be placed on the last page as they are added.  Click away and enjoy.

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