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Hawaii Fishing Tournaments

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Dawn has arrived, its brightening promise on the horizon flirts with towering cumulus clouds to cast long shadows on a sea made restless by a rising tradewind.  Diamond Head yawns in pastel colors, growing ever smaller as the mighty Viking carries the Hale Aikane team towards the hunting grounds. 

Sunrise greets the anxious anglers, adding yet another voice to the symphony of the senses, already awash in a cacophony of engines, crashing waves and CB chatter. 

It’s Tournament Day! 

Click here: 2012 Hawaii Fishing Tournament Schedule

Few anglers can resist the competitive spirit afforded by outfishing their friends and foes in a tournament.  Sportfish Hawaii, as a service to Hawaii's anglers, has provided statewide tournament schedule as an easy access opportunity for you to plan your fishing season.  We welcome any comments, suggestions, additions changes and/or deletions.  

Once the tournament has been completed, a tournament report will be available by clicking on the tournament name on the schedule.


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Be sure to listen to "Go Fish" with Mike Buck every
Sunday night at 5pm on KHVH 830 AM radio.

Fishing stories, news and hot topic discussion for
the Hawaii fisherman.


Calendar of EventsHawaii Visitor's Bureau Calendar of events


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