Things to Know About Charter Fishing in Maui

Maui is a very special island for everyone, and it touches us all in different ways. From the famous walk along Lahaina’s Front Street where one can find almost anything they desire to the famed sunrise at the top of Haleakala, Maui is as diverse as it is spectacular. And from whale watching to kayaking, helicopter rides to fishing trips, Maui is truly a playground for the whole family.

Many guests visiting Maui plan their fishing expeditions with an expectation of booking a charter once they have seen the boats in the harbor.  Unfortunately, because of several factors unique to the island, this is not always the best plan because most of the higher quality boats and skippers are often booked well in advance. Thus, many visitors who would like to fish while visiting Maui often, in addition to spending excessive amounts of their precious vacation time doing research, end up on their third or fourth choice of boat or not going at all.

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Sportfish Hawaii Hikes Haleakala

Two things a visitor should expect on Maui with regard to fishing include higher rates and longer booking lead times than on other islands. High demand, fuel prices, and the amount of fuel burned on a trip as compared to the rest of the state will always keep Maui’s average charter cost higher than Oahu, Kona and Kauai, and "bargain rate" trips can often end up being much more of a hassle than a bargain. As for booking the fishing portion of a vacation early to ensure the best selection of dates and boats, we do recommend the angling visitor book their charter at least four to six weeks before arriving.

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Lahaina Harbor

Sportfish Hawaii has always believed in the highest level of customer service, and our selection of boats meet strict criteria.   Accordingly, if a visitor waits until arriving, these boats are often sold out completely or have just a few openings toward the end of the visitors’ vacation. Because of this fact, whether one uses our service or those of another, it simply makes good sense to book ahead.

Unlike some activity companies whose employees may know little about the boats they represent, we know our boats and our skippers. We continually post new stories and information about our fleet, and we regularly visit each island to visit with our skippers and crew, check the boats and the gear, and just see how things are going. Because we are more concerned with repeat business and referrals than a one-time sale, we have no fear about whether or not our customers will be happy when they arrive in town and see the boat for the first time. We know you will be happy.

Maui is an island to be enjoyed by everyone, even those of us lucky enough to live in paradise. Do your research well in advance and you will probably find yourself enjoying your trip that much more.

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