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Navy Ship Lands Marlin

Story Coutesy of the angler Ed Morgan 6/5/02
Currently we are proceeding to the western pacific on operations. We are not the fastest ship in Pearl, but I guarantee you we catch more fish then any of them, and I'd bet all or them put together. Let me get to the story, we are allowed to put out some lines whenever we have a chance to slow down, and on our fourth day from port we had already caught several small stripe marlin around 100 lbs and a few ONO.

About 8:30 in the morning as I was sitting at my desk the sweet sound came over the 1MC (our announcing system) FISH ON, so I quickly made my way back to the fantail and one of the 12/0 reels was screaming and for the first time I could see smoke coming from the reel. We managed to stop the ship which is over 200 ft long and get all the other lines cleared and were ready to get down to business, but the fish kept taking the 80 lb line off the reel. So we start backing and finally got the fish stopped. About 45 minutes later we have the fish to the double line and we got our first good look at her and knew she is good sized. Then she decides to rip off another third of line off the reel. We get her stopped once again and after another 45 minutes we have her to leader and in goes the gaffs. We add another tail wrap on her and then hoist her over the side and on deck. Everybody is amazed as her size, so we hoist her up by one of our davits and take all the measurements and finally figure out she weighs approximately 429 lbs. My biggest marlin and the largest for the ship. Best of all for me was she was caught on one of the lures I had made, a straight runner pearl head with red eyes and a salmon and purple skirt.

We still have quite a while at sea before we return to Pearl, now im hoping for that 200 plus AHI. Attached is a picture of me and Tapai Lifa who I'm glad is always around when we have a good size fish on..


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