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Wild Bunch Remains Hot

Skipper Timmy Gray is a cool cucumber, and a humble guy. He called the office at Sportfish Hawaii on the 4th of April to double check on a charter that he had run the day before. After the business at hand was addressed, we asked if the customers from the previous day were happy and how things went.

He said he figured they were happy, as they did receive a nice tip. Finally, after prodding him, Timmy also revealed they had caught five Striped Marlin that day, along with a couple of large Mahimahi. Some skippers base their entire self-worth on their catch and end up bragging for years about one great day, but Timmy is more humble. He was more concerned with taking care of the customers and ensuring their good time than "worrying" about the details of this great day on the water.

"Mike, my job is to catch just makes sense that I'll get lucky some days and catch a few." And so, with his words of calm and an "aw shucks" tone, Wild Bunch goes down as one of the few boats in Hawaii to catch five Marlin in a single day. Congratulations, Timmy.....if you won't toot your own horn, we will!!

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