Product Review Policy
Test Your Product with Sportfish Hawaii

Sportfish Hawaii markets eighteen charter boats in Hawaii, five more in Midway, and we fish regularly ourselves.  Because of our unique environment, warm but powerful sea conditions, high humidity and high salt content in our air, Hawaii is an excellent testing ground for many ocean related products.  From eye protection to hull coatings, corrosion protection to propellers, from reels to line, Sportfish Hawaii and our fleet of top charter captains and crews can help endorse your product(s) with real-world testing.

Sportfish Hawaii's product review section is designed to help people learn about products worthy of our skippers, not slander products that don't meet the challenge.  We do not actively "push" this section, and take each manufacturer's or representative's request on a case by case basis.  We test everything ourselves and/or get solid feedback from our skippers, and accordingly, you will only read reports on products that meet or exceed expectations.  

We have had several companies approach us about performing a review, but if their product didn't measure up, we did not post the report.  This policy ensures our readers can place their trust in the items we endorse rather than wonder how much we were paid to say nice things about a product that may be unfit for our seas. 

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